Urban exploring in the Salina of Ulcinj | A photo series

by Fabian Jürgens
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Once a bustling complex of industry and major contributer to the local economy, now a crumbling wasteland scarred by the clutches of time: the Salina of Ulcinj.

An exciting urbex location of rust and decay in the far south of Montenegro.

withered cardboard packaging lies on a yellow table
an old damaged chair with yellow cushioning
an old cigarette package lies underneath a dirty yellow plastic sheet
bulk trash leans against a withered, yellow wall inside an abandoned building
a yellow bottle lies on a dirt floor
the rusting, skeletal remains of a warehouse roof
a fully rusted steel pillar
rusting steel pillars surrounded by a grey dirt mount
a rusting steel pillar holding up the remains of a warehouse roof
vegetation grows in the skeletal remains of a warehouse
a pile of green corrugated sheet in front of a concrete wall
grey folders lying in a rotting, wooden shelf
brown and grey folders lying in an old, rotting shelf
an old chair and table in front of a rotting shelf inside an abandoned building
a green corded telephone on a wooden table
an open notebook lying on a pile of other notebooks
dirty water channels and tanks in front of an abandoned warehouse
a pile of debris in an abandoned warehouse
colourful, rusting barrels in front of a white wall with a broken window

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