Hey there, I’m Fabian. Ardent traveller and keen explorer. Addicted to the open road and places most people stay away from.


My love for travel began under a radiant sun, surrounded by a white ocean. Amidst the vast endlessness of the Bolivian salt flats, a part of me stayed and never returned. Yet into the void, a desire was born. A desire to see this earth with my own eyes and to experience it first-hand. Raw and unfiltered.


Since then, I have been wandering the globe in search for answers and a deeper understanding (and appreciation) for this fascinating world.


I travel to learn, to comprehend, to feel alive, and above all to live life to the fullest.  


Out there lies a beautiful world waiting to be discovered, countless stories waiting to be told, and endless experiences waiting to be had. This blog ought to be the testament of that journey.


On Roads Uncharted was created to showcase the astonishing beauty of this planet, to serve as a resource for other travellers, and to inspire the reader to gaze beyond the beaten path (and hopefully make that dreaded leap into the unknown a bit easier 😉)


So, I invite you to join me on this quest for roads uncharted, wherever they may lead.


See you on the road!

a man standing in the snow only wearing shorts and a t-shirt, surrounded by a stunning mountain landscape

/ uncharted roads

The more I travel the more I long for the unfamiliar. For paths less travelled. And for the thrilling embrace of uncertainty. 


It is this unpredictability, the allure of the unknown, and the promise of discovery that draws me to roads uncharted.


Out on the open road, where happenstance reigns supreme, I am truly free.

a man standing on an old stone bridge spanning a canyon

“Travel far and wide and you shall possess the secrets of man”

Norse proverb

an old man wearing a white baseball cap and a green sport jacket over a red football jersey, holding a plastic bag with vegetables in one and a bottle of orange juice in the other hand

/ tales

It was stories of far-flung places that first let me dream of a wider world. Wild tales of adventure, hardship, and total freedom.


Intrigued I set out to write my own stories and to tell those of the people I met along the way.


As I journey between places, I hope to inspire others to do the same, to experience this world as a whole. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

/ deceleration

In the early days of my travels, I yearned to see it all. However, experiences flashed by, and appreciation was left in their dust.


Instead of embracing travel for what it is, I was chasing a mirage, an ambition that could never be attained. So, I hit the brakes.


Slowing down taught me to relish in the moment, to be attentive of small nuances, and to travel more sustainable. By doing so, my travels became richer and far more enjoyable.

a guy, wearing a black shirt, grey shorts, and a black cap, sits on a desolate pier looking out into the bay

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”

Carl Sagan

a man, wearing a blue shirt and olive shorts, walks out of an ancient Mycanean beehive tomb

/ past

There is no present without the past. Every destination, every people, every culture is a complex product of its distinct history.


Travel and history are the two entities that help me get a deeper understanding of this overwhelmingly complicated yet fascinating world.


By closely observing what came before, only then can we hope to peek behind the facade and grasp the true essence of a place and its people.

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